How to Get Traffic on Autopilot – Even on a Limited Budget (Traffic Course) – Day 1 – Preparation 

 November 18, 2016

By  Corrisa

The goal with these traffic sites are to set and forget - set it up once and have traffic delivered to you on autopilot.

You may find it a lot easier to just add (1) program to each of these traffic sites as opposed to trying to add several programs at one time.

The best strategy is to build your list foremost and then send promos to your list about your various programs you’re promoting.

This is what you’ll need to have to get started:

  • The url of your lead capture page or the program you are promoting
  • The url of the banner(s) of that go to your lead capture page or your program
    (you'll need size(s): 125 x 125 and 468 x 60)
  • Text ads that go with what you’re promoting (some sites allow you to add text ads)
  • Tracking Service

Best Tips

Keep track of the sites you sign up with and whether or not you’re an upgraded member.

You can use any spreadsheet doc or Word type document. You may want to create a folder on your computer (or cloud service) to keep your banners and information in.

FYI - The programs in this training course are featured in the Really Simple System program - a downline builder in these programs.

You’ll want to grab a membership and as you join each program add your affiliate link into the Really Simple System.



  • Clickmeter - Robust Super tracking service with great support and advanced features

Banner Creator

  • Fiverr - You can get banners for as little as $5
  • Fugly Banners - You can design your own banners for free (with their branding) or upgrade

Ready? Let's Start Getting Traffic With Banners and Bucks

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