How to Get People to Join Your MLM Company 

 April 23, 2020

By  Corrisa

Are you struggling to get people to join your MLM or network marketing business? Not sure where or how to start? Read this first before you do anything else...

How to Get People to Join Your MLM Company

It’s gonna get ugly!

You see, when you rock the “status quo”, people get mad. I guess it’s human behavior to feel threatened by changes you have no control over.

And Yes, I’m talking about multi level marketing or MLM for short.

You see, MLM has changed over the years and continues to change from the way it used to be done. It’s that “old” school vs new school approach.

Some old “timers” will never stop doing MLM the way they did thirty years ago - even if there are more effective and better ways to build a network marketing business.

The fact that I’m gonna reveal the other ways to build a MLM home business, is enough to rattle the nerves of the hardcore MLM crowd - and that’s ok.

My goal is to give you a peek behind the curtain to show you some methods you can use to make money in this industry - whether or not you turn into a lean mean recruiting machine.

’m gonna give you just a short backstory so that you can see the bigger picture so you can decide what is the best approach for you.

Building Your MLM the Traditional Way


MLM or network marketing as it’s sometimes called, has always been a warm market kind of business - period.

If you’re not familiar with the term “warm market” or if you don’t completely understand MLM, make sure you read, “What is Multi Level Marketing” before going any further.

Although, you can build your MLM business solely in the warm market (some people do), the vast majority of people you bring into your business will either not have a warm market to go to, don’t want to bother their friends and family, and/or want to build their business online.

You better have some solution for those you sponsor who do not want to build in their warm market or else they’re going to go elsewhere for help or just quit your business altogether.

Now, what about you? Have you told your friends and family about your business? If not, why not?

There’s a way to do it so that you’re not pitching them. No one likes to be put on the spot or deceived into seeing a presentation.

For example...

If you think your dad is a good fit for your opportunity, tell him why. If your aunt Margaret is a good fit for your supplements tell her why.

People usually get into “trouble” when they pitch their opportunity or products to the wrong people.

I firmly believe that your friends and family should know what you do, unless you’re not sure you’ve found the right company and/or your friends and family have a negative opinion on network marketing..

So, traditional MLM is using your warm market (friends, family, and other associations) to build your business.

What if you want to build your business online using social media - is that possible?

Read on...

Network Marketing in the 21st Century

No one really talks about this…

Quite naturally, network marketing companies will tell you to do things that’s in their best interest.

But, what about you? Your desires? Your wants? The needs of your family?

You see, there are (2) groups of people - the ones that put their network company first and the ones that put their families first.

The ones that always put the needs of the companies first, will eventually get a losing hand. It’s inevitable. The Internet is littered with network marketing companies suing distributors and distributors suing network marketing companies. It’s quite sad actually. It’s definitely bad PR!

It’s terrible when a distributor loses their distributorship - even when it’s justified (and sometimes it is) it’s still bad to hear that someone’s income is gone forever.

This is why you need to OWN your own business.

When you’re a distributor, your distributorship can be taken away from you at any time if the company changes their business model, goes out of business, or if the company just decides to terminate your distributorship.

Can you imagine waking up one day and discovering you no longer have any income coming in - and that there’s nothing you can do about it?

If you agree that you should own your own business and not just be a distributor relying on the whims of your company to do what’s right, then read on...

How to Build Your MLM Business In-Directly and Still Make Money


Before I get into this method there are two things, I want to address…

1 - Buying Leads

Yes, you can buy MLM leads. There’s only a handful of vendors that sell them anymore because people have discovered that it’s far better and cheaper to just generate your own.

Not to mention, you will spend thousands of dollars on leads before you get really good enough to recruit from them. Most people will run out of money and/or patience before they get to that point, which is why I really don’t recommend buying leads.

2 - Warm Market is Not Dead

Yes you can build your home business using both the traditional way and the "modern" way. You have to know when to use each method. So, if you’re around people looking to make more money, then you would use the traditional method - you would lead with your business opportunity.

However, if you’re online and surrounded by people who already have a business, which is normally the case, you would lead with your products/services that can help them in their current business. This can be something as simple as a webinar, free ebook, etc..

Give value upfront. More than likely, these people are struggling with their business in two areas - generating enough leads and making enough money.

You should either have your own products and services in place to help these people or use a marketing system that has all these things in place. More on that later...

How to Make Money and Not Give A D#MN About Recruiting!

There’s a saying that success leaves clues. Well it does indeed.

Many of the top people in the industry lead with information. These smart leaders have learned that people will buy information all day long, more than they will buy into an opportunity.

When people buy an opportunity, they know that action is required on their part to make it work. People will pay over and over to learn how to do something than will actually do it.

Not to mention, when you lead with helpful information, people see you differently than if you’re leading with a biz opp. When you’re offering information, you are seen as helpful and more trusting.

This is called the consultative approach. It’s non-threatening and it attracts people to you (a la attraction marketing). This is what I’ve done to build various programs over the years.

When you’ve built that trust, you can then lead them to your business opportunity, other products, services, and seminars. This works in all industries - whether you’re just a regular affiliate marketing, a network marketer, or a chiropractor.

When your focus is on truly helping people, and not just on frantically signing up people into your business, your desperation goes away and so does your anxiety about building your business.

Remember you are in the people business. The more people you help, the more money you’re going to make. And if you think that recruiting anyone that breathes into your business opportunity is helping them - well think again.

Go the extra step and give them the tools and information that can help them to actually succeed. The byproduct of that, is that people will join your program and buy your products because you have built up trust with them.

How to Grow Your Business Faster

marketing online school

The cat’s out of the bag as the saying goes. So, you probably know where I’m heading.

Leading with business-building info products and services gets your foot in the door to your potential prospects. It also gives you upfront cashflow to build your business even faster when they buy your low cost entry products/services.

You want micro-committments (small steps) from your prospects and leads. The odds of someone spending $200-$300 dollars on biz opp kit, when they haven't  even spent their first $10 with you, are low...especially if they don't know you or trust you yet.

This is why you sell what sells faster. A fast nickel is better than a slow dime.

Can you imagine what your business would look like if you were making money consistently day in and day out - without worrying about recruiting people into your business?

It’s possible.

So, how do you do this?

On the front end lead with useful business-building information. This can be something that is free or something low cost. In the cold market (those people that don’t know, like, or trust you yet), free reports, ebooks, or webinars are good entry points.

Once you’ve got some established trust, then you lead them to a low/medium cost product or service and then go on from there.

List Building

how to get people join network marketing company

You want to be building your list - this is your golden asset in case your company goes under, changes their business model, or decides to give you the boot. This is something you should do sooner rather than later.

All this may seem like a lot to do - in reality, if you’re building your business right, you’ld be doing these things anyway. This is what professional Internet marketers and business-builders do. You are a professional.

I like to tell people to just keep it simple. Do one thing at a time. If you’re marketing online, just start changing how you approach people. You’ll be amazed at how open people are towards you when you don’t lead with your biz opp but with the consultative approach.

Here’s the million dollar question…

Are you going to act like an amateur and hit them over the head with your opportunity and drive people away from you? 

Or are you going to take the professional approach and attract people to you by giving some value first so you can start establishing some trust and credibility?

It’s your choice.

If you’re still having a hard time grasping how to pull all this together, I recommend using this all-in-one training system. This is the only one I recommend.

Go take action today!

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