How to Benefit From 7 Lies of Network Marketing Even If You Never Want to Buy the Renegade System 

 July 23, 2014

By  Corrisa

Is 7 Lies of Network Marketing still relevant to you as internet network marketer? Is it even worth your time to read it? Well, if you’re struggling in your home business, the info contained in that little ebook could set you and your business free…and here’s why… 




Do you find yourself getting “buried” in all the noise of the Internet? Are you hopping from one company to the other? Are you confused as to what to REALLY do on the Internet in order to succeed?


Well  7 Lies of Network Marketing is gonna make it much clearer for you. Although written a few years ago, Ann Sieg’s 7 Lies of Network Marketing does work…in one sense.


One of the reasons I see lots of people still having problems online is that they fail to make the connection to the heart of what network marketing is all about.


Are you struggling to get people’s attention?


Are you getting ignored online despite putting up lots of videos and articles?


Are you posting links all over the place in hopes that someone…anyone clicks it – and hopefully buys what you’re selling?


What 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing does is that it gives you the understanding of why some tactics network marketers use work…and why some don’t.


It wasn’t that long ago where the only proven ways to build a network marketing business was via your warm market and purchasing business opportunity leads; anything else was blasphemy until Ann came along with her 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing pdf.


Reading 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing will open up your eyes to the network marketing industry like nothing you ever read before.


This is Ann Sieg talking to Mike Klingler about how some people have overcome huge obstacles to become successful in network marketing. Watch it below:



What’s Missing From 7 Lies of Network Marketing?



Although enlightening, Ann’s ebook does leave out a huge chunk of information. In fact, even her Renegade System failed to address this issue too.


Once you put in the missing piece, then the ebook is something that can help you take your business to the next level…but reading the ebook alone is not enough.


So, what’s this missing piece? It’s this mlm marketing training. Without knowing how to get traffic your business is DEAD! You can read all the ebooks and buy all latest marketing courses you want but if you can’t get enough traffic, your business is a goner.


7 Lies of Network Marketing is a MUST read for anyone who’s serious about building their network marketing business online, but you must add in other ingredients in order to really make money more effortlessly in network marketing. And you can learn that from here.


To your success!



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