Home Based Business Success Is Revealed By Jim Rohn 

 January 1, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

It’s not surprising that there are many people who want to learn the short-cut to success… they don’t want to read books, they don’t want to study, and they definitely don’t want to invest in themselves.

They want the Cliff Notes to success and they want it now.

I get people asking me how to make money. They want you to tell them the “secret” to getting it done fast, with no effort at all. It’s funny because I’m not in the “make money” niche.

I had this one guy on MySpace email me wanting to know how to make money fast online. He told me he hated to read and wanted to know if I could just tell him what it is he needed to do to make money.

Of course I chuckled and thought this guy has a lot of gall asking me this. Why would I invest my time and energy helping a person who is not interested in helping himself? And he doesn’t like to read? C’mon! I politely told him that I was not the person who could help him.

Perhaps I should’ve turned him on to Jim Rohn. I’ve listened to Jim Rohn since discovering him a few years ago.

And by the way, the key to success is not going out trying to chase down money (have you noticed that when you chase something it moves further away from you?)…

It has more to do about you. Attraction marketing is really about you attracting people to you. How you feel about yourself will impact the way you do business online. Do you see the pattern here?

Want to understand how to have a better business this year? Are you ready to learn about home based business success? Watch Jim Rohn as he lays down the important lessons he learned that made an impact on him as person and laid the foundation for his success.

Sadly Jim Rohn passed a way a few weeks ago…but his wisdom will continue to live on forever.


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