Google Plus For Network Marketers? 

 February 1, 2013

By  Corrisa

If you wanted to start networking on Google Plus, then this is where you should start. You’ll get the nitty-gritty of what to do and how to get started so you can begin getting some traffic from Google.

google plus for network marketers

Are you using Google+?


If you’re thinking, “Oh great, another social network I need to learn about!”… well hang on a minute.


I can relate to you if you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just stifled at to what social networks you SHOULD be on. Back in the day, when social networking was just beginning to get huge, I couldn’t make heads or tails of where to go and what to do.


Oh, by the way, See this video on Google+…


Luckily I found the right training that would eventually put me on the path to success. Man, I was a social networking queen and got most of my traffic and income from these sites. So, I know what you’re going through.


The great thing is that today, things are a little bit different. Both good and bad.


The bad thing is that it seems like there’s a new social networking site poppin’ up every minute with people telling you this site is gonna be huge!


Yeah, right. Let me see if this site is even around six months from now.


The good is that if know what you’re doing and you’re savvy enough you can pretty much which social networking sites are doomed to fail and not worth your  time or money (yes, some sites offer a ‘higher level of benefits’ if you pay for it), and which ones can benefit you the most.


Now, if you haven’t read this post, Social Networks For MLM Lead Generation, I suggest you don’t read any further until you do.


Now on to Google+…



Who Benefits From Google+



Ok, hopefully you’ve read the article I posted a link to above.


Which brings us to Google Plus


Here is where it starts to get interesting…


If you’re a content producer, in other words, if you’re a blogger, article writer, guest poster on someone else’s blog, a producer of videos, etc.., etc.. (you see where I’m going with this), then you’ll definitely benefit from a Google+ account.


The reason being is that any kind of “push” from Google to rank your content higher is a good thing.




I’ve been reading that by linking your content to your Google Plus account it can help rank your content higher in the search engines.


I’m no expert, which is why I listen to those who study this stuff.


Keep in mind that I did start off by saying if you’re a content creator then Google+ can help you. If you have nothing to promote or you’re just a beginner, and you’re not into social networking, then there’s really not much to be gained from Google Plus.


Google Plus is powerful stuff if you know what to do with it. Going on…


Want to Get Started With Google+? These Are the “Go To” Sites…


These sites helped me get up and running with my Google Plus account and it will help you too.


The more authority you can give yourself and your content, the more likely it is to rank higher in the search engines – and of course the more traffic you can get.


You like more traffic don’t ya?


Here you go the sites I suggest you start with (actually this may be all that you need)…


    1. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/tips-to-use-google-for-seo – If you’re into SEO, then this IS the site you should be visiting regularly. This is the post to get you started.


    1. http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/google-plus-seo – Don’t be fooled by the blandness of this site – there are a lot of golden nuggets here to help you understand the power of Google+


  1. http://www.virante.org/blog/2012/01/08/how-to-show-your-author-photo-in-google-search-results/ – This show you how to get your lovely photo next to your content in Google. This will help increase people clicking though to view your content. More click=more cash…at least potential cash. It all depends on what you’re promoting.


And that’s enough to get you started with Google+. I suggest you spend 30 minutes a day learning something about marketing. And in this case, if you want to tap into the power of Google+, then I suggest you spend that time getting more knowledgeable about how to use it.


Your partner in success,




P.S. I suggest you ALWAYS have three traffic generation methods in place. If you need help getting traffic, I recommend this site.

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