Free Traffic Generation: Is It Worth It? 

 June 7, 2020

By  Corrisa

What is the true cost of free traffic and is it really worth the time and effort to generate it? You’ll be quite surprised at the answers. Keep on reading...

Wasted time...

You’ve probably had that thought at one time or another as you tried again in vain to get more people to your website using free traffic methods.

I definitely feel your pain.

I know what it’s like to try a new traffic technique to only have it blow up in your face. It makes you feel hopeless, frustrated, and you basically feel like giving up.

Nothing works!

There are some things you really ought to know about what they call "no cost" or free traffic generation methods.

Very few articles you see online gives you any worthwhile tips to making this kind of traffic work - let alone telling you the REAL story behind this kind of traffic.

But I will.

If you’re on a tight budget or just don’t have much money to spend on building your business, then this will be just the thing you need to read.

Love it or hate it - you will get the truth as how I see it so that you can decide what is your next plan of action.

Read on...

What Really Is Free Traffic Generation?

free traffic generation

Basically, free traffic is traffic that does not cost you money to generate.

In reality, free traffic generation is not as easy as it used to be. There was a time where you could submit articles to article directories and web 2.0 websites and get your article on the first page of Google in minutes. Those days of easy sales are long, long gone.

What you’re left with are these techniques:

* Social Media Marketing - Using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create a presence and to network...and sell subtly

* Video Marketing - Creating  optimized videos and putting them on YouTube.

* Blogging - Writing blog posts (preferably search engine optimized).

* Underground Traffic Tactics (my term) - Doing safelist and traffic exchange marketing (and other things of that ilk).

* Guest blogging - Writing guest posts on popular and high traffic websites in your niche.

Those above have been the most popular free traffic generation tactics in the last several years primarily because each one in and of itself can bring on decent amounts of traffic.

Failure Leaves Clues

If you’ve been on the ‘net any length of time, I’m sure you have done at least one of those methods above - either successfully or more than likely, unsuccessfully.

If I had you face-to-face in front of me and I asked you why the method you chose didn’t work for you, you’d probably tell me that you just tried it and it didn’t work and so you just stopped trying.

Am I right?

The truth of the matter is that in likelihood, it’s not 100% your fault that you didn’t have success. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about free traffic that leads to a lot of confusion.

Maybe you can relate...

Blunt Force Trauma...

Well, this is going to be a revelation to some…and not so much to others.

So, brace yourself.

Here we go...

The Truth About Free Traffic Generation

elite marketing pro review

Here’s that saying that I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand and one times by now…

Free traffic is not really free - it costs you your time to generate it and your time is valuable.

Not to mention, depending upon the tactic, takes a lot of time to do and in a lot of cases, the results are not immediate. Which brings us to the reasons why people don’t do well with free traffic techniques.

To sum it all up into one sentence, free traffic can be very labor intensive and the rewards come slow - if at all.

With paid marketing, if your advertising doesn’t work, you lose money. With free traffic tactics, you don’t lose money if your ads (or marketing) doesn’t work, however, all the time you invested you’ve lost and can't get back.

It’s that risk vs rewards scenario.

Some people would rather lose money than lose a lot of time. Other people would rather lose time, than lose money. People who are into free traffic methods are into the latter obviously and then there are those who are in-between.

So, if you’re thinking about doing free traffic generation methods, know that it will be slow going at first or it may be always slow going. You will need to be patient, consistent, and most of all, you must track your advertising.

So, which free traffic method is right for you and how do you go about getting better results than in the past?

Here’s my advice…

All of those free methods I mentioned above work very well for a lot of people. In fact, there are people who have built six-figure plus businesses solely using any one of those methods alone.

What’s the difference between them and you?

Knowledge and most importantly applied knowledge.


A lot of people try to do too much too soon.

What I mean is that they add on new traffic methods every week, when they haven’t even got the hang of the other three methods they learned the week before. 

Does that sound like you? If so...

Slow down!

Pick ONE method to focus on. Get good at it before learning another strategy - free or paid. When it’s all said and done, you’ll want to have 3-5 traffic techniques in play -but it all starts with just one.

How to Have Success With Free Traffic Generation Tactics

Here is the gist of it - in four simple suggestions...

1. Bullseye - You’ve got to know your targeted audience. Who is the ideal candidate for your offer? What are their problems that you can solve?

2. Track Your Traffic - What free traffic methods work best to bring you targeted prospects? What is worth your time and what isn’t? If a method is not working, ask yourself why.

Is it the ad that is not working or is it the web page? Are you getting your website/ads in front of enough people? With that said, you don’t want to just “cut and run” without first trying to figure out the issue.

Remember, you have to see what ads are giving you the most clicks, what pages convert the best, and what site and/or traffic method is giving you the most sales. This is why you need a tracker.

3. You Send Me - Where are you sending your traffic to? Your affiliate page may not be right for cold traffic (i.e. people who don’t know you).

If you’re sending a lot of traffic to your affiliate offer and no one is “biting”, odds are the page you’re using isn’t converting very well and/or your page does not “speak” to the audience you’re targeting. This goes back to #1.

The best practice is to send traffic to your squeeze page first so you can collect their email address BEFORE sending them onto the affiliate offer.

4. Train For Success - It goes without saying that if you’re not doing a free traffic technique correctly or the best most efficient way possible, you’re going to not be as successful as you could be.

So many people like to just “wing it” and hope that things work out for them, when in reality they would save so much time and frustration if they had just gotten a little bit of training first.

In a Nutshell

When you put these four things together you make free traffic generation a whole lot easier - and you're more likely to have success generating this kind of traffic. And yes, it will be worth it.

1. Power Lead System - All-in-one system that includes lead generation training - both free and paid, landing page creator.

2. Get Response - Autoresponder service that lets you create your own emails to build your list.

3. Hits Connect - Basic Advertising Tracker

4. GrooveFunnels - FREE Funnel/landing page creator

5. Hubspot Avatar/Buyer Persona - Step-by-step on how to create your buyer persona

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