Free Lead System Forever Review [Updated] 

 November 18, 2020

By  Corrisa

Warning - Before you join any other system, you’ll want to take a good hard look at Free Lead System Forever - especially if you’re on a tight budget or a beginner. Let me tell you why...

This is going to blow your mind.

But first let me give you a wee bit of background on myself, so you understand where I’m coming from.

I have used systems for years. I have generated tons of leads, sign-ups, and as a by-product, a side income from using systems.

They work. However, there are some (actually a lot) that are a complete WASTE of your time. These are the ones to avoid.

So, if you’re looking to get leverage on building your primary business online i.e. help generating and converting leads, then you’ll want to look into using a good marketing system.

The question that’s probably on your mind is how do I tell a good system from a “stinker?”

Well, it goes like this...

5 Tips to Choosing a Good Marketing System 

This is ideally what you want to look for in a system...

1. High Converting Done-For-You Landing Pages 

A system must come with at least one well-converting landing page that’s already been created for you. The more landing pages it comes with, the better it is for you. It just gives you more options. As a marketer you want options.

So, as you can probably guess, if the landing pages(s) are already created for you, then you know that you don’t have to write a single word.

Most people in the home business realm - newbies and even oldies alike, are not keen on writing their own web copy. Although copywriting is a skill everyone should learn, most people are not good at it especially at the beginning of their careers.

2. The Ability to Create Multiple Landing Pages

Most people want done-for-you landing pages - and then there are those that want more flexibility and options to create their own pages. This is where a landing page creator/builder comes in. 

Who Needs Landing Page Builders

This is for the go-getter marketer who wants to take charge of their business. They want to brand themselves and/or create squeeze pages for their primary business or for their team. This person is in action mode and knows about testing pages and conversions.

If this does NOT sound like you, stick to the done-for-you landing pages. For those who love the idea of creating their own pages, then you’ll want a system that gives you the option of doing so.

Sadly, there aren’t too many systems that do this. There’s always the option of using a third-party site. The downside of that is that now you'll have to log into another site to create your landing pages.

The more time you spend going back and forth into different websites, the less time you have to do the business-building tasks. This is why you’ll want a good all-in-one system.

3. List-Building

What I’ve come to find out is that a lot of people do not want to build their own list.  This is too bad because as you’re probably aware, most of your money will be made from your list.

With that said, since a lot of people don’t list-build and have no desire to, it only makes sense to have systems that have their own in-house autoresponder system that follows up with their prospects on their behalf.

4. Training

You want your system to train you on how to generate leads online and in turn train all your prospects and future team members as well.

This is where most systems you see online drop the ball. There are systems out there that only exist to make money - there is no value in the product (if they’re selling one) or in the service itself outside of just being a system. In other words, it’s just an empty shell.

A good system should train you to become a better business person and marketer. If you’re promoting the system to other people, it should train them to become better as well. When you offer something of value, you become more valuable in your prospects’ eyes.

5. Marketing Funnel

There should be products and services inside of your funnel that appeals to your prospects and of course helps them become better business people. 

These products and services create an income stream for you (upfront cash flow) regardless whether or not your leads join your business opportunity. This income stream then can be used to put money back into your primary business to build it faster.

Now that you have a little background as to what to look for in a system, you’re probably now wondering how the Free Lead System stacks up against this criteria.

You’re not gonna believe this, but here it goes...

What You Must Know About Free Lead System Before Joining

The Free Lead System (FLS) is a beginner system. You’re not gonna get all the bells and whistles, you’d find in other systems like the Power Lead System for example. Keep in mind this is a FREE system.

With that said, you can always upgrade from the Free Lead System, to its other “sister” systems - Lead Lightning (which is only $7 bucks one-time) and the Power Lead System. You do get a lot with the FLS considering that it's not costing you anything.

So, when you’re ready to move forward to a more robust system, all you have to do is simply upgrade from your Free Lead System back office.

What You Get With FLS

With the Free Lead System Forever, you’ll get:

  • One high-converting landing page
  • Customer relationship management system (CRM) 
  • Internet Marketing training
  • Built-in autoresponder with messages that goes out on your behalf to your leads
  • The ability to add a link to your primary business opportunity into the system

.What makes this system different from any other in the marketplace, is its viral nature.

Let me explain...

When the people who get a free lead system from you start promoting their link and generating leads, you'll get every other lead that they generate.

If you’ve got a lot of people promoting the FLS, you’ll start generating a lot of leads on autopilot without any extra effort on your part. This is HUGE! 

You’ll get all of these features for FREE with the Free Lead System. There is nothing comparable to this system. It’s 100% risk-free.

This is why this is the perfect system for anyone who is new to online marketing (or new to using marketing systems) and want to “test” the waters as they say. It's also a great starter system for anyone who is on a tight budget.

When the time is right and you want to start earning money promoting your system, you’ll want to upgrade to Lead Lightning, which is only a one-time fee of $7 bucks.

You earn $6 each time your leads join Lead Lightning. You can easily upgrade with one click from your back office. If you’re serious about generating leads and having more options, then this is where you’ll want to be at the minimum. Your ultimate goal is to get “all in” and get into the Power Lead System.

This is where you’ll definitely feel the impact to your business because you’re able to generate a significant income on the side without it interfering with your primary business. All the bells and whistles I listed earlier are only found in the Power Lead System.

With that said, there is no pressure to upgrade. When it feels right to you, you’re able to “baby step it” to the Power Lead System when you’re starting to have success with the Free Lead System.

How do you begin to have success with your system? The following section is VERY important.

How to Get Started Successfully With the Free Lead System

The Free Lead System is a viral system due to the fact that you’ll get leads into your system that you did not have to generate.

Every other lead rolls up the sponsor. So, if you’ve sponsored people into FLS, then every other lead they generate goes up to you - their sponsor.

As you can see, this can produce a lot of leads for your business that you didn’t even have to generate.

⇒ You can join the Free Lead System here.

With that said, let's break it down into 3 simple steps (after you log into your back office):

Step 1 - Watch the How to Get Started Training

Step 2 - Enter your primary program website url into your back office

Step 3 - Start advertising/sharing your link

We Show You What to Do

The training area gives some examples of the types of advertising you can do - however, the real “meat” of the training happens on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Wednesday Hangout - Goes over the systems and how to best use them. Get your prospects on this training.

Thursday Internet Marketing Training - This is Internet marketing training - which is what you’ll need to learn to successfully promote your system. 

There are replays in case you’re not able to make it live.

How The System Works...and How to Work the System

traffic blackbook review

With the Free Lead System, one link promotes both your primary opportunity and the system itself.

You also get a contact manager where you can see your leads. The built in autoresponder sends out emails on your behalf. This produces constant exposure to your primary business. 

Your goal is to simply give out free systems by sharing your affiliate link. This will give you a daily flow of leads...especially when your leads start producing leads that roll up to you.

When you’re ready to start earning commissions, you’ll want to upgrade to Lead Lightning - which is only a one-time fee of $7 that earns you $6 commissions and you get to keep every single one of your leads.

All you have to do is just advertise your link and let the system take over from there.

All in all, the Free Lead System Forever is a good starter system to help you start generating leads and sign-ups for your primary business.

A by-product of leading with something of value is that it creates trust and value in your prospects' eyes and helps you stand apart from the masses.

If you've got questions, hit me up using my contact form above.

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