Finding People Who Are Seeking MLM Opportunities 

 January 23, 2013

By  Corrisa



If someone offered you the chance to work from home owning your own business and make money doing it, would you jump at the chance? There are many others looking for just such a business. They’re seeking, but they may not always recognize how to get connected with the right MLM opportunities. These are people who already know what they want – they only need someone to guide them. That’s where you come in. You’re that someone.


People who are genuinely seeking MLM opportunities are considered to be hot prospects. You don’t have to understand anything about the art of persuasion to convince them to join you.


They’ve already made up their minds that they’re going to get involved with an MLM company. You don’t want to miss your shot to be the person who helps them get what they want.


How to Find People Looking For MLM Opportunities


One way to find people who are searching for you (your opportunity) is by checking out  the keywords people are typing into the search engines. If someone is looking for Xango business opportunity, then you can do a blog post or video and title it “Xango business opportunity.” Of course you want to find the longer tail keywords that you can actually rank for and you’ll also want to do some backlinking.


You also find people by reaching out to websites that do list-building in the mlm niche. You can contact these webmasters/ezine owners and see if they do solo advertising.


If so, they can send out an email on your behalf for your opportunity or whatever it is you’re promoting. Also, if these websites gets a lot of traffic, you can ask the webmasters if you can put a banner on their site.


You can find opportunity seekers on work at home forums or on social media sites like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc… When you engage in social media marketing for your MLM opportunities, you’re not just connecting with one person – you’re also connecting with the people in their sphere of influence.


Another way to draw in people interested in mlm opportunities or mlm in general is by vising the top trainers in the network marketing niche, which includes Todd Falcone, Dani Johnson, Tim Sales, etc… and see if they have a blog that they regularly update. If so, you can begin adding comments to their blog posts. This will give you targeted traffic.


As you can tell, there are  many ways to either draw mlm opportunity seekers to you by writing keyword-focused content and/or videos or you can go directly to the mlm opportunity seekers by going to the online “neighborhoods” where these people like to hang out. The world is literally your oyster once you know how to mine it for opportunists.


Your partner in success,


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