Find an MLM Home Based Business That Has a Desperate Audience 

 January 16, 2013

By  Corrisa

Trying to find a good mlm home based business? Then you’ll want to read the tips here before you sign on the dotted line – it may very well save you a lot of heartache and frustration.


mlm home based business


When someone is desperate it means they’re looking for a way to fix something – could be a problem with their relationship, their health or their income. A desperate audience to an MLM marketer is one that strongly desires what you have to offer.


The marketer’s key to success is tapping into that desperate audience. You’ve heard by now that an MLM home based business that does the best is one that gives the solution to a problem. That’s still correct.


How can you define a desperate audience? Let’s look at a scene that takes place all over America on any given day. Picture a mom with young children. She’s worked hard all day long dealing with one issue after another that drained her of all her energy. When she finally gets to leave the office, she picks up the kids from daycare, they’re cranky because they’re hungry.


Mom is tired, she’s worked hard and just wants a little peace and quiet. She can feel the tension headache mounting. So she pulls into the nearest fast food restaurant and orders a couple of those meals in a box.


The kids get fed, peace reigns and mom is happy. This is one reason that fast food restaurants make so much money. They fill a need for a fast meal. They’re not offering just food for empty stomachs. They’re offering the ability to restore calm and quietness for a harried parent.


You want an MLM home based business that solves a problem in such a way that your audience can’t live without your solution. You’re searching for people who are already eager to get what it is you’re bringing to the table.


Those people aren’t going to be your co-workers, your best friends or your family. The desperate audience is looking for answers or they’re looking for a way to bring in an income.


You don’t want to spend your time talking to the wrong people – and that means anyone who hasn’t expressed an interest in what you’re doing and those who see all MLM as scams.


Stop wasting your time. Those are prospects who will get onboard later when they see how well you’re doing. But from the beginning, focus on the people who have expressed interest.


These are the people who fill out the ‘more information’ card or sign up through an opt-in on a website. These are the people who contact the home office and ask to be put in touch with someone in the field. Though their reasons may vary, they’re desperate to get involved.


One of the answers to finding the right MLM home based business could be to ask yourself what it was that drew you to the company. That same pull is why others are looking, too. That’s the audience you want to target.


Found a  Good MLM Home Based Business – Now What?



Ok, so you found a good mlm home based business, now what do you do to make money with it? You see, without getting enough eyeballs on your business (lead capture page, website, etc), you’ll never make any money. And you are in business to make money aren’t you?


The #1 thing that most people in mlm suffer from is lack of traffic i.e. lack of marketing training. If you don’t get the proper marketing training you’ll never be successful in any kind of business unless you only plan to chase after your friends and family.


The leading marketing training for people in network marketing is this mlm marketing system – it’s not just a system (optional), but you have some awesome kick-butt training in the back office that you can tap into to help you learn how to generate leads.


If you’re serious about success, take a look at it here.


Remember, choosing a good mlm home based business is the first step. What makes it work is getting enough traffic to it so you can make some decent money.


Your partner in success,



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