Empower Network vs Internet Lifestyle Network 

 October 29, 2013

By  Corrisa

If you’re on the fence trying to decide between Internet Lifestyle Network and Empower Network, then you’ve got to read this before you sign up for either one of them…


Empower Network vs Internet Lifestyle Network

Ok, so you’re probably checking out marketing systems and business programs trying to decide on one to hang your hat on.


But there’s a problem…


There’s too many systems and programs to choose from and now you’re probably confused. After all, you may not want to spend money needlessly on a system that is not gonna do what you want it to do.


So, what do we have?


Let’s just start by looking at two different programs – Internet Lifestyle Network and Empower Network.


The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Empower Network


Empower Network vs Internet Lifestyle Network
David Wood & David Sharpe – founders of Empower Network


There are a lot of people promoting it and if you’re hoping to have any kind of success with this program, you’re going to either:


a. Be good at conveying leadership so people want to join you or


b. Be ready to spend a lot of money on advertising if you’re going to do any marketing other than YouTube videos, social networking or SEO.


Either that puts a damper on your hopes of making boatloads of money with Empower Network, or you’re willing to become a marketing leader, a social networking whiz kid or you have a deep enough wallet to afford your marketing expenses trying to market this program.


And if you have hopes of getting the skills to help you become a better marketer and leader, well, you’re not gonna learn that stuff at the $25 level – you’re going to have to at least get in on the $15k Formula which will cost you $1,000.000


If you’re not ready to join at the $1k level, you may want to re-think joining Empower Network IF you’re solely interested in it from a money-making perspective.



The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Internet Lifestyle Network


vincent ortega jr
Vincent Ortega Jr. – original founder of Internet Lifestyle Network


Ok, if you haven’t heard of Internet Lifestyle Network or ILN for short, then it’s probably because this is still a fairly new program.


Read the following very carefully…


What exactly is the Internet Lifestyle Network?


This program shows you HOW to become the kind of person you need to be to attract prospects to you.


And how to put market in social networks like Facebook in such a way that prospects want more of what you have to offer.


If you cannot to either of those two things above, you will struggle to make money unless you’re doing paid marketing.


If you want to make the big income online but you lack the leadership skills to attract people to you, ILN is what I recommend you start with.


It’s the formulas that ILN gives you that shows you how to end procrastination (the biggest killer of most businesses), how to get people to trust you and buy from you, and in turn how to make money faster and easier online with less of the struggle.


Without knowing these formulas, you’re doomed to fail in any business especially Empower Network.


This is why there are a lot of people failing with Empower Network because the training you’re going to need is just not there at the $25 level nor is it there at the $100.000 per month Inner Circle level.



Why I Recommend This Network



Empower Network is a good program, but like most opportunities it isn’t without flaws.


The biggest downside to EN and what contributes to more people failing in Empower Network is where Internet Lifestyle Network comes in to pick up the slack.


The thing I like best about Internet Lifestyle Network is that you don’t have to spend over $1k just to get the necessary tools and training you’re going to need to make money on the Internet.


If you want to make money faster online and get people to respect you a lot quicker and you don’t want to spend over $1000.00 to get what you need to make it happen, then I recommend the Internet Lifestyle Network.


Here’s the formula…


More Tools + Lower Cost of Entry = Faster $$ with the Internet Lifestyle Network


Your partner in success,


Corrisa 😉

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