Email to Cash Webinar For Network Marketers 

 May 30, 2013

By  Corrisa

Need email marketing help? We’ll if you’re not building a list yet, or a list that makes you money, then you’ll want to be a part of this…


email marketing help


If you’re having some problems making money in your business, then there may be a few things wrong. The thing is that you don’t want to tackle them all at once! I suggest you take each issue or problem one at a time.


Outside of traffic generation, one of the biggest issues you may be facing is list-building or email marketing.


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Why is this an issue?


Because most people who come to your website or your sales page won’t buy. There are several reasons for this two of them being is that they don’t know or trust you yet to buy from you.


People will, however, are more likely to give up their email address if they feel that you have something to offer them. Once inside your list, you can then build a relationship with them, and build your trust factor.


In fact, a lot of your sales will come from those on your list.


If you’re not list building, you’re leaving a heap of money on the table for other people to grab!


How to Get Email Marketing Help


email marketing help

We’re having a webinar on Thursday, May 30th At 8:00P M CST. We’re going to share a proven simple formula for writing email follow-ups that turn your leads list into cash…


Remember even if you have a list, it means nothing if you can’t get them to convert into buyers.


We’ll teach you all that on Thursday May 30th.


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