Elite Marketing Pro System Review Cost 2015 

 September 7, 2014

By  Corrisa

If you think this is going to be just another rah-rah run-of-the-mill Elite Marketing Pro System review, you better think again. Don’t let those other “reviews” fool ya into giving up your hard-earned cash unless you know the real truth behind this system…


elite marketing pro review

Is this system full of hype or promise?


I know you may be wondering about the Elite Marketing Pro System that was launched back in 2013 by Tim Erway.. You may be curious even about whether or not the Elite Marketing Pro System Cost in 2014…is worth it.


Probably the biggest thing on your mind is whether or not this system can even help you with the two biggest problems that’s been slowing down your business – leads and cash.


Before I get into the nooks an crannies of this system, just watch the video below for a brief overview if you’re not familiar with this system:




How This Elite Marketing Pro System Review is Different Than Most Reviews


If you’re on my site reading this, I care enough about you to shoot from the hip truth – even if it stings a little.


You see, most Elite Marketing Pro System reviews are really excited for you because they want to…. make a sale. They don’t tell it to you straight about marketing and systems, and 100% profit products.


Not that they’re bad people, but they get over zealous when it comes to making a sale. Not to mention a lot of these people are new comers and don’t a thing about marketing and the whole history of systems.


Without knowing those two subjects, they could never write a Elite Marketing Pro System review that will ever be in your best interest.


Let me go further…


Elite Marketing Pro System Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Homely…


elite marketing pro review

Marketing systems such as this one, are targeted purposely toward network marketers for a reason. They, the system owners, know that network marketers always want to marke more money and generate more leads.


There’s nothing sinister in that because most systems do want you to help you in your business so they say.


In fact, odds are if you’re looking at Elite Marketing Pro System you’ve probably have a primary network marketing company..Your goal as a smart business person is to make good use of products and services that help support you in your efforts to build your primary business. You may want to re-read that sentence again.


By just understanding that fact, you’re probably much more clearer as to your reasoning for even looking at Elite Marketing Pro. You want more money and you want more leads. But is this the right system for you?


The Pros:


Having used various systems over the years and having seen a lot of systems come and go, I can say I have the best point of reference when it comes to looking marketing systems.


The biggest pros of becoming a member of Elite Marketing Pro is that you are able to earn sizable commissions on the suite of products from Mike Dillard. These products include:


  • Magnetic Sponsoring
  • Black Belt Recruiting
  • Building On A Budget
  • What’s Working Now
  • Pro Blog Academy
  • MLM Traffic Formula II
  • The Copywriters Guild
  • Ultimate Sales Funnel
  • Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint


The commissions are 100% but there is a 10% fmerchant and processing fee thatis taken out of your commission so you’re really getting 90%.


The Cons


Remember earlier whjere I stated that a system should help you support your primary business so you can make more money and generate more leads? Well, this system is more like a business opportunity and system wrapped into one.


Why do I say that?


Because the cost of the monthly membership of Elite Marketing Pro System is a whopping $195, and because you’ll need to break even quickly at best, most if not all of your time will be spent marketing this system. Are you ok with that?


The biggest critics of marketing systems in the network marketing industry say that systems take away from you building your primary business – and in a sense they are absolutely right.


This is why you want to make absolutely sure that this system is going to help you generate leads and make you money so that you can put back into your business to build your primary opportunity.


Let’s take a closer look at this system to see if it even has potential to even be worth your while.


What Do You Get With Elite Marketing Pro System


elite marketing pro review
  • You get lead capture pages
  • Sales Funnels for each product
  • Automatic email series sent out on your behalf


Should You Get Involved With Elite Marketing Pro System


This system with its 100% paid out commissions is only for a certain kind of individual…


Because the commissions are so much higher than the regular affiliate program…and because you’re paying nearly $200 for the privilege to market at the higher commissions, you really need to do yourself a favor and ask yourself this questions…


Do I have the marketing skills and time to market the Elite Marketing Pro System upfront and all the time?


Look you’re paying a couple hundred dollars every single month and at the rate it won’t take very long for you to be in a deep hole if you’re not able to generate enough targeted traffic to generate sales.


On the flip-side you have some of the most coveted products in the industry from legendary marketer Mike Dillard. His products always sell well and his high converting funnels that leads a lot of prospects starting off buying one product only to buy others in the funnel as well.


Without becoming an elite marketing pro system member, your regular commissions are in the neighborhood of $30-$50%. If you do become a system member those commissions jump to 100%


If I may say so myself, the best thing about this is that you’re allowed to build your own list. Wit h all that I stated above, it looks like the Elite Marketing Pro System may be on to a good thing. The only drawback is that you’ll need some serious marketing skills and/or deep pockets in order to get enough consistent traffic to your Elite lead capture pages.


This system may not teach you enough in which you’ll end up regretting you ever set eyes on this system. I recommend you get some marketing skills first before you take on this monster of a system. I recommend this system training first and foremost before you plunk down $200 for Elite.

This will help put the odds of success on your side that you’ll be successful with Elite and help you make money that much faster. After all, if you can’t generate enough traffic 100% commission really means nothing to you.



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