Customer Relationship Management Software For Network Marketers? 

 March 24, 2015

By  Corrisa

If you’re serious about your business then you’ve probably been looking around for a good customer relationship management software for network marketers. The problem is that what’s out there may not be the best for you. Here’s why…



You’re overlooked.


You probably spend more time trying to find the right tools and systems for your network marketing business than actually building your business. That’s not good.


What you may find is that there are a lot of customer relationship management (CRM) software out there that don’t take into consideration the Internet network marketer.


Gone are the days where most network marketers are recruiting from hotel meetings and doing the three-foot rule. What you have today is a more efficient and busier than ever marketer that’s using the web to generate leads.


Which is why you may be having a hard time finding customer relationship management software that meets your needs.


After all, if you’re generating the bulk of your leads online from your website, wouldn’t it make sense to have a CRM that is connected to your website so that when a prospect opts in they’re added to your CRM back office on autopilot?


Well of course.


Why not make your business more efficient so that you’re able see your leads soon after they opt-in so that you can create rapport quickly so you can build a relationship with them.


The faster you create rapport with them and get to know them, the more sales you’re gonna make in the long run.


This is why it’s critical that you choose a CRM that can make this process a whole lot easier and smoother for you.


Customer Relationship Management
Software For Network Marketers

The only one that makes you look more professional


I’ve used other CRM software before like ACT and Insightly, but it was cumbersome because I had to transfer all the leads I generated online on my websites into these programs – manually. It was time very time consuming.


I knew that for every minute I spent doing tedious tasks like this, it took away from the real business-building activities that generated leads and income for me.


As a successful business person, I’m sure there’s been times in your business where you came to the same realization.


My Lead System Pro, the leading marketing system, has integrated a CRM into its platform.


This is huge step up as a business owner who markets online.


You’re gonna be more productive because all he leads you generate though the many MLSP lead capture pages and funnels are put into your CRM back office automatically. It’s now a one-step process.


If you’re not being effective, then you’re probably wasting time and not making money.


Not only that but what is the message you’re putting out there?


Attraction Marketing Reflects What You’re
Doing and What You’re Using



If there’s one question I get more than others over the years is the question about attraction marketing.


People want to know how attraction marketing works and how they can do it so they can get more prospects for their business.


I always say it starts with the way you’re presenting yourself. If you’re using a system that is designed to only put money in the system’s owner bank account then that’s gonna come across as you really don’t know what you’re doing. I can spot these kinds of systems a mile away.



Now if you’re using a system that gives away valuable training, trains you on how to generate traffic, and has a built-in CRM then you’re looking more like a pro than an amateur and you’ll attract more people to you.


Remember, your prospects are always tuned into the station WIIFM (what’s in it for me).


When it comes to a good customer relationship management software for network marketers, there isn’t much out there that’s tailored for and your online lead generation activities like the CRM in the My Lead System Pro’s back office.


Still doing business opportunity meetings? You can add the people you meet at events into your CRM as well.


The best part, is that there is no additional charge for MLSP members – It’s 100% free.


Why have another payment come out of your bank account, when you can have a CRM for free…and all the other tools that come with MLSP for one low price?


Not Being Efficient Hurts Your Bank Account



If you’re still adding all your prospects manually into your CRM, you’re not being as effective and efficient as you could be and odds are you’re probably leaving money on the table for other more efficient people to grab.


And you’re probably not looking like the pro you’re supposed to be.


When you’re putting together your system or looking to tap into an existing system, don’t overlook the need to for a good customer relationship management software to help you keep track of your leads. The better ones are linked to your opt-in pages so that your leads are added automatically.


Remember you can never get back the time your waste in your business. Find ways to be more effective and efficient and your profits will increase.


Customer relationship management software for network marketers? Yea, MLSP has got you covered.


Click there to see how you can be more efficient in your business…


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