Creating Leads With Blogs 

 August 8, 2009

By  Corrisa Malone

I get people asking me, what is the best traffic generation method? What is it that I do to create leads.

First of all, there is no standard answer to the best traffic generation method that will work equally well for everybody. Skills, consistent efforts, and the method’s effectiveness are the determing factors for success…in any method.

However, you can’t go wrong with blogging. Not only can you use it to attract prospects to your business, but a blog lets people know more about you as a person and a business owner…so it helps in building relationships with your potential prospects.

This is why I like blogging. It’s also one of the major ways that I market online.

Blogs are also a neutral place to send prospects to learn more about you and what you do without having them to feel pressured to opt into something to learn more about your products and services.

Famed Internet marketer Perry Belcher likened  blogs to a home. You meet people at a social networking event and then from there if they like you, you invite to your “home” (blog) to learn more about you and what you do.

And from there the person can decide if they want more information or if they want to buy into what it is you’re selling.

You see, more and more people are getting wary of giving out their email address. Like who needs another email in their inbox?

Your prospects are making doubly sure they want to hear more about what it is you’re offering before they give up their email address.

People want information; they want information that is going to solve a problem for them.

Buy me, buy me, buy me… doesn’t work as well as it did several years ago. People want to know why they should entrust you and your product to solve their issues.

And this is where blogs can do an excellent job giving people the information they so desperately crave.

Blogs have become “mainstream media.” According to a recent study by Synovate and Marketing Daily, nearly 40% of Americans have visited a blog in the past year.

With the total U.S. population hovering around 307,000,000 people… That’s roughly 122,800,000 people! (and these numbers aren’t even counting the other 193 countries of the world!)

It’s pretty mind-boggling, huh?

If you don’t have your own blog set-up and positioned where these people can see it… you’re losing out on potential prospects for your business.

However, it’s never too late to start a blog.

According to eMarketer, in 2009 an estimated 96.6 million U.S. internet users will visit (and read from) blogs at least once a month.

But wait until you hear this.

By the year 2013, eMarketer predicts that 128.2 million people, or…Over Half Of All U.S. Internet users will Be reading blogs at least once a month!

Which means one thing for you as a business owner…

There’s still time for YOU to build one and cash in on this out-of-control trend…even if you’re not sure how to do it.

I can’t tell you how many people I have run into online, who’ve “set” up a blog, but fail to know how to get traffic to it.

And then they feel like a failure or they think blogging doesn’t work. I’m such a big proponent of education, that I feel without the right information, you’re just opening up the door to a whole lot of frustration and wasted time. Who really needs more of that in their life!

This is why I spend so much time introducing people to the Renegade University training.

There’s a simple course on blogging at RU that is going to whet your whistle on the infinite potential of using blogs to bring traffic and leads to your business.

However, it’s not till you get to the Renegade Professional level that you will be exposed to the one-of-a-kind video tutorials that will show you how to set up your blog…click-by-click, one click at a time.

So you’ll never be left wondering…“What should I do next?”

Get the free training at Renegade University and when you’re serious about getting your blog traffic-ready, go Professional.

Just in case you didn’t know, you’ll find 28 blogging tutorials in our training program where we cover everything from A to Z.

(That’s over 14 hours of blog instruction!)

Plus, a brand-new 70-minute webinar…

“How To Set Your Content Viral In Social Networks Using A WordPress Blog” was recently added late last week.

In it, a blogging expert reveals a free “traffic-getting” strategy…and how to deliver your content to ALL the social media sites — in one simple step. Which will result in a reliable flow of qualified prospects checking out your blog.

Blogging is one of those marketing methods that’s simple to maintain and do once you learn how to do it more effectively…and learn a few tricks or two.

If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal was with blogs…well now you know.

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