Cold Calling Leads: Is It Still A Good Way to Build a Business? 

 March 7, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

Do “suckers” only buy leads? Or are there people making a success out of cold calling prospects?


I’m sure you’ve been told that your own lead generation is the way to go…and it is for a lot of people. The reason being is that some people do have the time to learn mlm lead generation and have the time to implement it.


And then there are those people who:


1. Are having trouble generating leads.

2. Don’t have the time to learn lead generation…and do it enough to see results.

3. Have managed to get good at cold calling leads and can do it profitably.


I would say that most people fall into the first two categories. And if you happen to fall into those categories, you really only have two options:


Either buckle down and really learn lead generation, (I recommend the training at the Renegade University)…


Or get good at cold calling leads.


Whether you choose to do your own lead generation or get on the phone and cold call leads…both require skills.


Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.


Some people just aren’t good at lead generation. Give it up or get better at it.


Don’t feel ashamed if you have to get some leads to subsidize your lead generation…until you get good at creating your own leads.


You may feel that you do better at talking to people on the phone rather than doing lead generation.


Remember if you do purchase leads, you need to find a way to get those leads into your autoresponder system so you can do proper follow up.


Offer a newsletter, or some kind of e-course that entices those leads to want to opt-into your autoresponder. (If you’re a user of MLSP, use the free dvd or the other training material to get them to opt into your system.)


And if you were one of those people who were horrible at cold calling leads, know that you need to get good training in order to succeed. sometimes your upline may offer training in calling leads. Check there first.


If not, I recommend a lady by the name of Dani Johnson. If you have not heard of her, you’re going to be really amazed at how simple she makes the process of cold calling leads.


If you can’t succeed in lead calling using her techniques, then you probably need to work on your confidence level.


That can be overcome by doing daily conditioning of your mind.


Just to re-cap…


You’re not a “sucker” for buying leads. You need to do whatever it takes to get the job done.


And your job is to build your business.


Without targeted leads, whether you buy them or generate them, your business will flounder and eventually fail. Taking all the money you invested into it, and all the hard work you put into it. Do you really want that?


Speaking of investment, you must invest into your education. In the real world you need a degree in business and marketing.


In the Internet world, there is training available for those who don’t have degrees in either. Take it. Business is not something that you just “wing it” and pray it works out ok.


I question people’s seriousness of their business when they don’t want to invest any time (or money) in developing their skills, but yet want me to explain Internet marketing…A to Z to them in a phone call.


That’s just not gonna happen. I can’t care more about your business than you do.


When you get serious about your business and you begin to walk the talk, you will have success. It may be slow going at first (that’s normal), but you will start seeing results. The little results turn into big results and so on.


If you need to cold call your way to success…then do it. Get the training and get at it.


Cold calling isn’t for everybody, but for those who are determined to have success and willing to stick it out til they become better, it can be a way to build your business.

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