Can You Advertise Your MLM on Facebook? 

 March 17, 2019

By  Corrisa

Can You Advertise Your MLM on Facebook

Can you advertise your MLM on Facebook? Or is there a better way to get leads from Facebook? Let this be your warning - don’t do any advertising on Facebook until you read this very carefully...

Advertising on Facebook is Risky Business

Your Facebook account could be in jeopardy. By jeopardy I mean shut-down, kaput, out of service, done, finish.

In other words, your very actions may very well get you booted out of Facebook.

I’ll explain further in a little bit.

In the meantime let's talk about Facebook and what it means to you as a network marketer who is trying to generate leads for your business.

In light of the other social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, Facebook is still a hot social media network for people just like you. So, yes Facebook still gets a lot of traffic.

And for you as a home business owner, that means there is still a gold mine there ready for you to tap into.

But here’s the question…

Can you advertise your MLM on Facebook?

That’s a loaded question - and I’ll tell you why a little bit later.

In the meantime, just think about this question...

Given the fact, that there have been a lot of network marketing businesses  that have either gone out of business or changed their business model completely, do you think it is a wise decision to advertise your mlm business when you don't own or control the company?

Whether you answered “No”, “Yes”, or “Not sure”, keep reading on…

Should You You Advertise Your MLM on Facebook?

Can You Advertise Your MLM on Facebook?

That is the better question to ask.

Now that I’m questioning your decision to advertise your MLM on Facebook, you’re probably second guessing whether or not you should even do it.

Now before I post a dreaded link to Facebook’s advertising policy, let me just say this...

There's no lack of people on the ‘net who will tell you to do things that is NOT in your best interest to do them. Beware people who tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. 

With that said, you can advertise anything you want, anywhere you want - until you get caught.

Keep in mind that there are many, many people on Facebook who will flag any advertisement or post that even remotely resembles a business opportunity (i.e mlm, make money, etc).

Then you’ll have to face the consequences of violating Facebook’s policies and procedures.

In this case, Facebook can shut down your account. If you ever had to deal with Facebook’s NO help center, then know that the odds of getting through to someone at FB that is willing to actually help you out is pretty much nil.

In other words, don’t do something that could put your FB account in jeopardy because in all likelihood, you’re gonna have a heck of a time getting it back - if at all.

If you’re promoting any kind of make money at home program, let alone an MLM, make sure you read this first.

You Have a Lot to Lose

mlm frustration

A lot of network marketing companies have a lot of restrictions when it comes to using their names and the names of their products in advertising.

Most companies outright restrict it, whereas some grant permission on a case by case basis. There are a few companies that will provide you with approved advertising copy. You should know your company’s advertising policy before you do any kind of marketing.

You could lose your distributorship (including all your residual income you’ve created) if your company thinks you’ve violated their policies.

Whether you’ve managed to create a $20k per month residual income or a $500 per month residual income stream - it’s all gone if your mlm takes away your distributorship.

So, whether or not you can advertise your mlm on Facebook becomes a moot point if your company restricts using their name in advertising.

Roll the Die and Take Your Chances

Here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for…

Like I stated earlier, yes you can advertise your MLM on Facebook - until you get busted by Facebook or your network marketing company. Just be ready for the consequences.

Let me ask you this again…

Why would you want to promote a company that is not yours? The reality is that advertising your mlm on Facebook (or any other social platform) is not the best way to get people to your opportunity.

In fact, when you plaster your mlm all over the place on social media you look like a novice - an amateur who doesn’t know what they’re doing.  

People aren’t attracted to novices by design. People are attracted to people who know what they’re doing - leaders.

If you ever hope to use attraction marketing to build your business online, you want to at least look like you know what you’re doing.

Here’s definitely what NOT to do…

Don’t Be a Walking Billboard For Your MLM

Can you advertise your multi level marketing company on Facebook

It’s one thing to be informational, it’s quite another to take on the identity of your mlm company.

Now that you’ve read down this far, here is the question again….

Should you advertise your MLM on Facebook?

I hope you answered a resounding “No!” to that question.

Are there better ways to market on Facebook?

You betcha! Keep on reading...


  1. If you advertise your mlm on Facebook, be ready to face the consequences of your actions - including getting your account shut-down.
  2. Once a Facebook account is shut down, you may have a hard time getting it back.
  3. Network marketing companies (mlm’s) have restrictions on what you can use in your marketing endeavors.
  4. There are more effective and productive ways to get leads on Facebook while keeping your dignity intact and increasing your credibility and trust factor. 

The Better Way to Use Facebook to Build Your Business

mlm social media advertising

Out - Promoting your MLM

In - Promoting YOU

I’m sure by now you’ve guessed it - you should be building your business, your brand. If you think that you don’t know enough or you’re too new to begin promoting yourself as someone who can help other people, understand this…

Even if your brand-spankin’ new, there are still things you can do to build up your street cred so you don’t come off looking like a goof ball. More on that later…

So, making your sole identily your mlm is out.

Then what should you do then when you want to generate leads on Facebook?

This is important but it’s really down-to-earth common sense...

People relate to people - especially on FACEbook. People are looking for a home business for a reason. They want to know if they join a home business will there be someone there to help them.

Seeing a bottle of your jungle juice or company logo does not convey much trust. People want to see the person who is going to help them build their business.

Given what has been said here, what do you think is the best way to advertise your MLM on Facebook?

That’s right - NOT to advertise your mlm on Facebook at all.

If you’re going to advertise at all on Facebook, then you want to advertise YOU. How you can help people and how you’re different than what’s already out there. What solution does your opportunity provide and how do you facilitate that?

Why would anyone want to join you in a business? What do you bring to the table? What ways have you created authority for yourself? Have you written a book/ebook?

Do you have your own course? Do you know about Internet marketing and lead generation?

Have you mastered attraction marketing and used it successfully to help you build your business?

In other words, what sets you apart from everyone else? And no, you do not have to be an expert - you just have to know a little bit more than the average prospect. When you act and look like you know what you’re doing, you will look less like a novice.

Remember people don’t want a home business for the sake of a home business - they want the solution a home business provides.

Don’t Be Just a Distributor - Be a Business Owner

The biggest downside to trying to advertise your mlm on Facebook (besides the big possibility of getting your account shut down), is that you don’t own your own business.

If you’re promoting your mlm upfront, then quite likely you’re not building a business because you’re sending all your traffic to your company and not to you first.

I get it - it’s easier to send traffic to a company’s replicated webpage than to go out and create your own landing page and send traffic there.

Here's the biggest downside...

Most company's replicated webpages are NOT designed for conversions - leads/sigh-ups. They're designed to be a brochure where people can click links and learn everything they ever wanted (or didn't want to know) about your company and its products.

Typically people who end up on these types of replicated webpages usually click a few links and then they leave rarely if ever coming back. 

The reason for this is that these types of sites are not designed to move people to take action.

A well-designed landing page that is hooked up to your autoresponder service will get people clicking to take some sort of action. The end result is that they become leads by opting in.


The vast majority of people will NOT join your opportunity or buy your product the first time they see it. It takes follow-up.

A good CRM (customer relationship managenment) program and your autoresponder work together to help you follow up and build a relationship with your leads. This results in better conversions - sales and sign-ups.

If in the past you sent traffic to your compay's website and you got barely nothing in return for your hardwork and efforts, know that it wasn't your fault. Cold traffic (people dont know you) are very hard to convert with the standard replicated webpages companies give out.

So, if you've struggled before, then know that you have to do somehting different if you want different and better results in your network marketing business.

Doing what comes easy usually ends up giving you dismal results. You want to do what works and you want to do it effectively. When you come across as a professional who wants to help people and you have something to offer people, you build your authority and credibility. You look less goofy and look more like a pro.

And I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times already that people join and buy from people they like and trust. If you don’t come across as a trustworthy person you will have a hard time getting people to join and buy from you.

So, what's next?

Professional level training. If you want to get paid like a pro, then you have to be trained up for success by a professional organization. That is why I recommend that program along with help from me.

What If I Have My Own Landing Pages and Autorepsonder  System in Place?

Now, if you have the five ingredients for success in place, then you’re nearly where you need to be - great job! Now get some good quality lead gen training on Facebook to take you the rest of the way.

I recommend Social Media Lead Generation and Facebook Live Stream Leads. Any one of those two will get you off generating traffic, leads, and ultimately sales for your business - as long as you're setup for success..


Can you advertise your MLM on Facebook, is not the question to ask.

The question you should be asking is, How do I successfully build my own business using Facebook?

Now that is something we can help you with.

Reach out and let me know how I can help you with your business...

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