Black Belt Recruiting Review: Don’t Buy Black Belt Recruiting Until You Read This 

 June 7, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

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Black Belt Recruiting, despite the “cool” sounding name may not quite be what you think it is. Why buy a course to only get it and find out that it’s not teaching you what you thought it would…right?


When I first looked into Black Belt Recruiting I actually did not have the course, but read some testimonials on it. It was kind of challenging trying to find an actual review of the course because there were so many people promoting it (those darn affiliates!)…


So my curiousity got the best of me and I actually bought a copy of this course.


Black Belt Recruiting is about posture, how to talk to your prospects, and how to convey leadership and trust.


In a nutshell I would say this course is about communication and your posture with your prospects.


If you’re thinking…well I build my business on the web, why would I need to talk to people?


At some point you will talk to people and people will call you. If it seems like you’re hiding from people, you’re going to repel more people than you ever attract.


So, this is a must have course for anyone who ever gets on the phone and talks to prospects…and has a hard time talking to them and in turn, getting them to buy or join.


Black Belt Recriting is not going to be for everyone…only those who wish to add another rung in their leadership skills.


To learn more about Black Belt Recruiting and get a sample training video, click here.


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