What is the Best Online MLM Marketing Plan? 

 September 14, 2013

By  Corrisa

If you’re looking for an online mlm marketing plan to help you build your business, then you need to these critical elements should be in your plan so you don’t waste your time…

online mlm marketing plan

If you’re having trouble coming up with a good mlm marketing plan, then you may be having some difficulty building your business – either online or offline.


A good network marketing plan can help guide you on the best strategy for your business to bring in the maximum number of leads and in turn more profits.


But here’s the big question you may be facing…


What makes a good mlm marketing plan?


Read on…


The Other Important Questions You Need to Ask Yourself About an Online MLM Marketing Plan


Not only may you be wondering what makes a good mlm marketing plan, but you may not even know what one should consist of. For example:


Should you only build your business directly?


Do you use a generic marketing system like My Lead System Pro?


Do you position yourself as a home business consultant or as just a distributor for XYZ company?


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Will you do paid marketing and if so how much will you be spending every month?


What kind of lead generation tactics will you be using?


What social networking sites will you be using if any?


You see, a good online mlm marketing plan will answer all these questions for you. In fact, a well thought out plan will guide you as to what you need to be doing every day to move your business forward.


Developing The MLM Marketing Plan For Maximum Profits


Here’s just a guideline to consider when you’re looking at your marketing plan for your home based business. From this guideline, you’ll decide what strategies you’re going to use and when.


online mlm marketing planHere are some things to really think about…actually, you should pull out a pen or open up some kind of word document to really get the best benefit…


Time availability – How much time do you have to devote to your business?


Money availability – How much money do you have to put into your business


Your current Skills – What business/marketing skills do you currently have that you can use in your business to develop relationships and/or drive traffic?


The skills you need to develop – What skills do you feel you are lacking in that you believe are important to your business growth?


At this point you should’ve decided by now if you’re going to use a network marketing system or not. This will figure into your network marketing plan.


Devising the Plan


online mlm marketingn planConsidering how much time and money you have to put into your business and your current level of skills, what are some of the things you can do immediately to help you build your business?


For example, have you had past success in pay per click? Do you have the money to start some campaigns? If so, then this marketing technique should be high upon your list.


Are you good with connecting with people? If so, then social networking would be tops on your list as long as you have the time to devote to this activity.


Some people enjoy using list-builders like List Joe. As long as you’re tracking and you’re seeing results from this activity then this is one technique to add to your list.


In all you want to have 3-5 ways you’re driving traffic to your mlm marketing funnel. This is the primary target of your traffic generation.


You can also drive traffic to your affiliate offers, but for long-term profits, you want to be doing list-building and driving traffic to your funnel – not someone else’s.


You’re going to want to write your marketing plan down either on paper or create a word document. I personally create a new marketing plan at the beginning of the week on Sunday. I have on it the things I need to complete this week as well as the goals I’m looking to achieve.


As you can see, creating a mlm marketing plan does not have to be difficult. It’s simple to and it keeps you on track with your business so you can improve your bottom line. Without a plan, you’re just flying by the seat of your pants hoping things will get better. Hope doesn’t build a business, but smart planning can pay off in dividend for years to come.


Your partner in success,


Corrisa 🙂

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