Automated Marketing System? Yeah, We Got That… 

 October 29, 2009

By  Corrisa Malone

Everyone’s looking for a way to put their business on autopilot so they can spend their time doing the most important stuff in their business. This is where an automated marketing system comes in. There is really such a thing…right?


Network marketers are notorious for trying to re-invent the wheel. I mean there’s really nothing wrong with that right?

Well, a few years ago it was Mike Dillard who changed the way people looked at network marketing.

Then it was Norbert Orlewicz, a student of Mike Dillard, who decided that perhaps network marketers should lay off re-inventing wheels for awhile and concentrate on the things that matter most…things that make you money also known as business building activities.

This is where Norbert and his co-horts decided to make an automated marketing system so that network marketers didn’t have to waste a lot of time trying to build lead capture pages from scratch…

And spending hours and hours doing endless follow-up calls on people who waste your time, you know “aren’t mlm’s illegal?” “Is it a pyramid scheme?” “I was only looking for a work at home job”

If you’ve ever spent anytime calling opportunity leads, then you know what a BIG time waster it can be.

An automated system should do a good job of sorting and sifting through your prospects. Heck it should target the right kind of prospects to begin with. And oh, so many systems don’t which is why you’re probably on your 3rd or 10th system!

And yes, I’m “outting” the marketing system industry, because if you’ve been around the ‘net as long as I’ve have you know how they getcha in…and then spit out you out – usually more broke and broken-hearted.

The Money is in the List

Any good automated marketing system is going to let you build your list from within the system with your autoresponder, not the system’s.

List-building is a very important part and do I dare say critical part of your Internet network marketing business success.

This is why I’ve had to say good-bye to other systems in the past because it wasn’t optimum for online network marketing.

Sure, there are other systems out ther that are “easier” to use and “cheaper” to use than MLM Lead System Pro(MLSP)…

However, what good is using an easier and cheaper system if doesn’t work to give you the best chance of success online?

If you want to truly automate your marketing, then you have to use a system that is designed for such a task.

You can wish your system to do remarkable things, but if it’s not designed to do them, you’re just wasting your efforts…money….and time.

For an automated marketing system I recommend MLSP. I can’t think of another system that is designed to grow with you as you grow your business.

Now, if you have no desire to grow your business, well I guess any system will do.


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