Attraction Marketing: What is it Really? And Does It Work? 

 May 4, 2021

By  Corrisa Malone

There’s more than meets the eye in Attraction Marketing. And if you failed at attraction marketing before, quite likely it’s because you weren’t told the complete truth on how to do it correctly. This is what you’ll need to read so you don’t waste any more time…

You may not have been told the truth about attraction marketing.


Let me explain…


Some people believe that attraction marketing is just going to social networking platforms like Facebook and making “friends” with anyone and everyone in sight.


Other people believe that posting content like videos and blogs posts about their opportunity on social media is doing attraction marketing.


Wrongo bongo!


And if you have (or had) any of those beliefs and carried out those very same actions, then you know that it flat-out didn’t work.


I see a lot of people online complaining that attraction marketing is a bunch of “baloney”. But in reality the reason why it didn’t work for them is that they were not doing it correctly.


Here’s the problem…


A lot of people focus on the “attraction” part of the word because it sounds “easy” and cool to do. The problem is that they don’t focus on the “marketing” part.


They go together.


After you’ve attracted your ideal customer, you have to market to them or else you make no money – zilch, nada.


This brings us to…


So What is Attraction Marketing in Action?

It’s YOU being credible, trustworthy, and displaying leadership skills. You are the standout star – the leader!

Your content has to come across as the same – you have to give value upfront. It’s also giving people what they want.


In order to know what they want, you have to know their problems and their issues. In other words, what is on their minds? What is keeping them up late at night?


You and your content must be a solution to them. The “them” is the target audience you’re trying to get into your business or buy your product.


If you’re thinking…


What If I’m a Beginner?


Read on…

Here’s How to Build credibility Even If Your Brand-Spankin’ New

As I alluded to before, you’ve got to know your audience – who you’re targeting. When you know their hot buttons – their problems, you can talk to them at level they understand.


When they see that you understand their issues and even have solutions to their problems, they see you as credible because they know you are trying to help.


Don’t Let My Age Fool Ya – I’m Awesome and I Know It!


Give value upfront.

How do I know what my audience wants?


Spend time in the places your target audience visits – whether it be certain communities or groups on social networks, or forums that cater to your audience. See what questions get asked over and over again.


Put yourself in the place of your ideal customer – what questions would you want answered? What issues or problems would you be experiencing that you would actively be looking for a solution for?


What assurances would you need in order to move forward with a purchase? You have to know clearly what your audience wants.


Remember, you do NOT have to be an expert – you just have to know your audience and know just a little bit more than they do.


Creating Content

This is the part where a lot of people drop the ball.


Once you understand your target audience (remember, when you’re creating content, you addressing it to a person from your target audience), your content has to attract that ideal customer to you.


If you post content on a social network, it must be in front of the right audience. I see so many people who put their content in the wrong place and then wonder why no one is interested in what they posted.


More often than not, your content will be the first point of contact – so you have to make sure that it attracts the right people and addresses the needs of your ideal target audience (have I said that enough times?!).


For example, if you’re selling a weight loss supplement and you want to get people who are interested in losing weight, you wouldn’t write content that talks about what people can do to gain weight. Your content has to be relevant to the audience you’re targeting.

Does Attraction Marketing Really Work?

If you do it correctly (as in the suggestions I listed above) it works.


The problem is that people do what they think is attraction marketing and they fall flat on their face and blame “attraction marketing” for the failure when in reality, the failure is in the incorrect actions they have taken.


For example…


What attracts bees – flowers right?


So, if you wanted to attract bees would you plant flowers or mushrooms? Flowers – right?


Far too many people are planting “mushrooms” all over the Internet and then get frustrated that they’re not attracting “bees”.


Think if it like this – you’re either pushing people toward you or you’re repelling them. A lot of marketers – especially network marketers are repelling the very people they want to attract.


If you’ve struggled before to get targeted leads especially on social media, odds are your actions are in conflict with attraction marketing – you’re pushing people away by your actions.


Here’s the next biggest question…

Need Help With Attraction Marketing?

network marketing resources


Despite all the hype about home businesses – it still requires a lot of hard work in order to be successful.


It all starts with knowledge and then implementing that knowledge in order to produce results. Most people try in vain to be successful in a home business only to fail time and time again.


The biggest culprit of failure is the lack of knowledge – not knowing how to market, not understanding what really is attraction marketing (and how to implement it).


You can use the attraction marketing tips I shared here to attract more targeted leads to your business. Now if you’re still in need of a more formalized help to get your business off the ground, I recommend you grab a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring.


Together with that program and myself, we can show you how to create your ideal avatar, how to create content that attracts the right people, and how to do lead generation the profitable way so that you’re making money upfront in your business.


Use a good marketing system and the funded proposal model to take your business up a notch.


Remember, once you understand attraction marketing and you’re creating content to attract your right audience, you have to be consistent. You’ll get better the more that you do it, but the key is to be consistent. Success does not happen overnight – it happens over time.


It’s like chipping away at a rock. If you chip at it once in a while or whenever you get in the mood it’s gonna take you forever to make any kind of difference in that rock.


But if you do it everyday, before you know it you’ve made a difference in it. Your business is the same way. Chip at it everyday doing the important things, and you will see a difference in your bottom line.


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