Attraction Marketing Formula – Is This a Reality For Most People? 

 November 10, 2015

By  Corrisa

If you’re puzzled by Attraction Marketing Formula and other products that promise you the “secret” behind attracting people into your business, then you’ll want to carefully read this…


attraction marketing formula

I’m not gonna “bag” on Attraction Marketing Formula, but I will say from what I’ve seen of it, is that it teaches the technical aspects of setting up your website/funnel to get people into your circle of influence.

Yes, attraction marketing does include setting up your funnel, but how in the heck are you even going to get people going to your website, let alone get them into your funnel?

Well, this is the missing piece that a lot of attraction marketing courses miss the mark on. In fact, if you don’t know these crucial missing pieces then attraction marketing just won’t work for ya.

Attraction Marketing Formula – I Tried Attraction Marketing and It Doesn’t Work!

If you’ve ever seen comments from people who claimed to have tried attraction marketing but never achieved any measure of success with it, then you must know there is a reason why. Let me explain…

Attraction Marketing FormulaJust as I mentioned earlier, long before anyone comes to your website, you have to:

  • Distract them (interrupt what they’re doing)
  • Get their attention
  • Get them to trust you instantly
  • Get them to take action 

This may seem like a lot to do (and it can be), but attraction marketing doesn’t work without all these components.

So, if you’re troubled by people who say attraction marketing doesn’t work, know that they’re missing one or more of those components above.

And if you’ve think you’ve tried attraction marketing in the past to only get lackluster results, then I bet you can see some of the areas where you went wrong.

The good news is that everything is completely fixable as long as you’re willing to learn. Are you?

The Important Steps That Comes Before Attraction Marketing Formula

The ugly truth is that Attraction Marketing Formula can work, but only if you get the important steps in place before you implement what’s being taught.

If you don’t do these important things first, you’ll just be wasting money buying this course. I will even say that this probably shouldn’t be the very first course you buy on attraction marketing if you don’t fully grasp those components I listed above.

Building a branding website has its place, but you don’t want to put it at the very forefront; there are far more important things you’ve got to have in place first.

Like I stated before, you have got to get people to trust you enough so that they want to take action like visiting your webpage.

In a nutshell, it’s all about you and how you come across to people.

It you can’t get people to like you even a little bit, the odds of them taking action on what you offer and recommend are practically nil.

Haven’t you recommended products or your business opportunity to people only to find that nearly 99.9% of them don’t take action?

Wouldn’t you love to get better results in your business? Well of course – right? Your family is probably counting on you to pull through and make a better lifestyle for them.

So, What’s My Next Move? Should I Buy Attraction Marketing Formula?

Attraction Marketing Formula

Start to take notice of the message you’re putting out there especially on your social media profiles. Understand how you’re coming across to people.

Are you pushing people towards you or away from you? Do you feel unique and that you have something of value to offer people or do you feel like you’re just one of the herd trying to get heard by your prospects?

Those are the questions you have to take note of. You see, without considering all these things when you’re marketing especially on social networks like Google+ and Facebook, you’re just wasting valuable time that you’ll never get back.

If you want to get more leads and make more money in your business using the power of social media, then attraction marketing is the name of the game – and is the game you have to play well if you want to see spectacular results.

If you find that social marketing isn’t working well for you, I can almost guarantee that your attraction marketing isn’t working as well as it could be.

And buying course after course that doesn’t touch on these important ingredients is a recipe for frustration and broke-dom.

Follow a Plan and Do What Works

The only program that I see that’s worth some looking into is one that is written by one of the original attraction marketers, Ms. Diane. I honed my skills with her back in the early days.

You can learn more about that one here. This can help you shorten your learning curve significantly.

Attraction marketing isn’t a reality for most people because they do it wrong. If you understand how to do it correctly you can reap better rewards in your business.

Til, then be a conscious marketer. Know what you’re putting out there and understand how you’re coming across to people.

If you’re still not sure how to implement attraction marketing, then get Diane’s course.

To your success,


Corrisa 🙂

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