Ardyss International: What is Ardyss International? 

 May 4, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

Name: Ardyss International

Founded: In Mexico in 1991 as a Mexican manufacturing company by Antonio Díaz de León, his wife Armida Fonseca, and their two sons, Antonio and Alejandro.

Does Business in the Following Countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic

Products: Bras, girdles, nutritional products, personal care products. Signature product is the The Body Magic line.

My Opinion: This is a legitimate company with real viable products that consumers want. Do your due dilliegence when picking any  kind of company.


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What’s your experience with Ardyss International?



**Ardyss has no affiliation with this website and is the trademarked name of Ardyss International.

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