7 Lies of Network Marketing – Truth or Fiction? 

 February 27, 2009

By  Corrisa Malone

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing has been an eye-opener for a lot of people and a nagging sore for others. Finally learn what this ebook is really all about (UPDATED)...

7 Lies of Network Marketing

Network marketing can be quite challenging and even downright frustrating. The good news is that the huge failure rate in network marketing has gotten a bit better over the years due in part to Ann Sieg's highly controversial report she wrote years ago called The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.

If you're wondering why this report is credited for 'saving' network marketing, you'll want to read the following very carefully...

You see, Ann Sieg opened up a "can of worms" by revealing why so many people were failing in the network marketing (MLM) industry.

Often accused of being brash, over-generalizing, and one-sided, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing ebook really lays out all the 'dirty' laundry that has been covered up in the network marketing industry for years.

With the revealing of the tired "old school" tactics that just don't work for the masses, Ann uncovered the secrets to making network marketing work for a lot more people – even those who choose not to build a downline in the industry.

What? You can make money in network marketing without building a huge organization?

Yes, you can.

Read on...

To Tell the Truth

When Ann wrote her scathing ebook, she created a lot of enemies - and she created a lot of raving fans at the same time.

Now, 7 Great Lies was written several years ago, along with her even more enlightening ebook and system called The Renegade Network Marketer.

For all intents and purposes, Ann has left the MLM industry altogether after making multiple 7-figures in the industry. Some of her landing pages are still up, including the link to her system. 

However, it appears there may not be any support for the ebooks or for the system itself, so I would not recommend buying the system or opting into her pages as it goes to some other product that is not hers.  

Because her ebooks are copyrighted, I cannot post any download links to them, however, this presentation is the BEST representation of where she’s coming from and her struggles building a business in the MLM industry.

Click Here to See Her Presentation

WARNING: Again, I suggest not buying the system as it appears to not be supported and/or outdated. I recommend this system instead.

What’s the Controversy?

If you haven’t seen that presentation I linked to above, you’ll want to do that right now. It will make things a whole lot clearer.

The 7 Lies Ebook 

When you pick up the report, you’ll immediately notice that her table of contents read like this:

  • Lie #1 – Everyone is your prospect! 
  • Lie #2 – This really isn’t sales. We just share products with people. 
  • Lie #3 – Anyone can do this! 
  • Lie #4 – We’ll build your business for you. 
  • Lie #5 – We have the best product ever! 
  • Lie #6 – You just don’t have enough belief!
  • Lie #7 – The proven system

If you’re in MLM, no doubt you were probably told some of those things listed above. If you’re struggling to make money, no doubt you’ve probably “bought” into some of those things listed above.

It’s not your fault.

From Ann Sieg: “In this industry we have a genuine case of the blind leading the blind.”

By now you may be curious as to who this Ann Sieg really is and why did it take her writing this report to change the industry...

Who in the Heck is Ann Sieg? 

Ann Sieg was just an ordinary network marketer who happened to be a consultant for the now-defunct LeadersClub. She was my upline in that particular company.

When I first met Ann Sieg she was literally a nobody outside of LeadersClub – she had not written her controversial ebooks or released her marketing system at that point. Of course, that would soon change later.

When I first “ran into” Ann online, I knew immediately that there was something different about her. I felt a connection to what she was saying and her approach to network marketing.

The Shift 

After working very hard and doing what her upline told her to do, she got fed up with the measly results she was getting. She discovered that it was the old school MLM tactics that she was told to do that weren’t working for her (and other people around her).

By old school, I'm referring to these...

Old School MLM Tactics

The 3 Foot Rule – You go out in public and you pitch your opportunity to everyone who comes within three feet of you.

As you can imagine, this can get tiresome and even make you look a little desperate to some people – which then turns people away from you.

Pitching Your Friends and Family - You turn a get together into a surprise business opportunity presentation. There’s nothing wrong with letting your friends and family know that you’re in a new business - but there’s a way to go about it.

You also must have thick skin because you’re likely to get a LOT of rejections and “opinions” about your new business opportunity. For those reasons alone, going to the “wrong” friends and family can be almost the worst thing to do.

Opportunity Meetings – You make a lot of calls to people inviting them to an opportunity meeting (usually done in hotels or in rented offices). What usually ends up happening is that the people who swore they would show up for the meeting are nowhere to be found.

What you end up with is a lot of wasted effort with really nothing to show for it.

Now this isn't to say that those methods above don't work at all, because they can work for a small percentage of people – just not for a whole lot of people (thus the 97% failure rate).

If you've done any of those things above, you know how frustrating and tiring it can be.  

Ann simply got tired of doing the "old school" marketing tactics taught to her by her upline. She decided to find a new and better way to do network marketing...and she did.

 The Solution

If you've found yourself not getting results in your business and you're trying to do some of those tactics above, then know that there's help. You don't have to quit your business, you just have to be smarter at marketing.

Ann Sieg just wanted to show that people could have success in network marketing – even if no one joined their opportunity.

 She wanted to say...

Good-bye hotel meetings...

 Good-bye cold-calling prospects for hours on end...

 Good-bye doing the three-foot rule...

 Good-bye to buying expensive opportunity seeker leads...

Not only was this way better, but it was more profitable. Ann then said 'hello' to a whole new way of marketing...and it made her a multi-millionaire in record time. And it helped other people make a lot more money in their businesses with a lot less effort as well.

Ann’s ebooks and system were one of the many catalysts in my business life that turned me into making multiple streams of income, when as before I could not even generate a single lead or make a solitary penny!

Another Way to Prospect For Your MLM Business

The "shock" felt all around the network marketing world was called the ebook 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.

Ann's thinking was what is prospecting in mlm if you're not taking advantage of the Internet to build your business?


Why not get your leads to spend money with you before they ever join your business opportunity?

Doesn't it make sense to give your prospects the tools and training that will help them become better business-builders?

Well, yes - right?

If they’re better business-builders because of the training you provided to them, then when (or if) they join your opportunity, they are better equipped for success.

This is important to remember…

If your prospects are not getting what they need from their business opportunity (or upline), they will turn to third-party tools, training, and systems to help them.

One well-trained marketer in your organization is worth a hundred newbies who don't have a clue about building a business. Trained marketers are like gold to your business.

Those That Say “No” 

Even if your prospects don't join your business, you've already given them the training and tools to help them succeed.

You are seen as a leader and these prospects are more than likely to join your business if and when the time is right for them.

So, if you’re reading inbetween the lines, you realize that you should offer tools and training - and lead with that versus leading with your business opportunity.

In a nutshell, you lead with value. You must understand your prospect and what they’re looking to accomplish. Your opportunity only has value to you.

When you’re frantic about recruiting people into your business opportunity, people can sense your desperation - and it’s a complete turn off!

When you lead with something of value and you truly care about helping people, your desperation level will come down and you become more attractive to prospects.

Interested in this way of marketing?

What I Recommend

Ann Sieg was revolutionary for sure and her training and system were way ahead of its time when it was released several years ago. But that was then and her system is not supported any longer.

Now What?

The system I recommend is called the Power Lead System. It’s very newbie friendly and unlike most systems, it includes a marketing funnel and built-in autoresponder system.

You can learn more about it here…

I hope you found this article helpful!

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