7 Lies of Network Marketing – Truth or Fiction?

By Corrisa Malone | Get More Visitors

Feb 27

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing has been an eye-opener for a lot of people and a nagging sore for others. Finally learn what this ebook is really all about…




Network marketing can be quite challenging and even downright frustrating. The good news is that the huge failure rate in network marketing has gotten better over the years due in part to Ann Sieg’s highly controversial report called The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.


If you’re wondering why has this report gotten so much credit for ‘saving’ network marketing, you’ll want to read the following very carefully…


You see, Ann Sieg opened up a “can a worms” by revealing why so many people have failed and literally spent their lifesavings trying to make it in the mlm industry.


Often accused of being brash, over-generalizing, and one-sided, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing really laid out all the ‘dirty’ laundry that has been covered up in the network marketing industry over the past decades.

7 Lies of Network Marketing


With the revealing of the tired “old school” tactics that just don’t work for the masses, Ann uncovered the secrets to making network marketing work for a lot more people – even those who choose not to build a downline in the industry.


What? You can make money in network marketing without building a huge organization?


Yes, you can.


Hate Ann Sieg or love her, she has helped thousands of people ‘see’ the light – including myself.


If you’re struggling to make money in network marketing, I can almost guarantee that you’re not doing the things you should be doing.


In fact, once you “get” the principles contained in this free network marketing report, you’ll understand right here and now how to begin generating targeted leads and making money today…


By now you may be curious as to who this Ann Sieg really is and why did it take her writing this report to change the industry…


Well, not only did Ann’s 7 Great Lies put mlm in a whole new light and help people achieve success whereas they couldn’t, this report also literally made her a multi-millionaire literally over-night…


Who in the Heck is Ann Sieg?


7 Great Lies of Network Marketing


Ann Sieg was just an ordinary network marketer who so happened to be a consultant for a lead generation and leadership development company. When I first met Ann Sieg she was literally a nobody outside of her company – she wasn’t mainstream or “rogue” yet.


But there was something about her that attracted me to her (attraction marketing). I could tell back then that she was “different.”


But there came a time when she saw that people weren’t getting the results in their business by practicing the “old” school mlm tactics.


By old school, I’m referring to these…


The 3 Foot Rule – You go out in public and you pitch your opportunity to everyone who comes within three feet of you. As you can imagine, this can get tiresome and even make you look a little desperate to some people – which then turns people away from you.


Bookstore Marketing – You hide in the business section of the bookstore and go up to people who are browsing books in this area (you know they’re interested in business because they’re in this section). You then give them your mlm pitch hoping that they don’t thing you’re some kind of weirdo freak lurking in the bookstore – in which you are.


Opportunity Meetings – You invite people to a meeting usually done in hotels but can be done in rooms or offices that can be rented out. You’re hoping that people will show up that you invited, but more often than not, you’ll spend many a nights doing these meetings by yourself with very little in return for all your efforts.


Now this isn’t to say that those methods above don’t work, because they can work for a small percentage of people – just not for a whole lot of people (thus the 97% failure rate).


If you’ve done any of those things above before you know how frustrating and tiring it can be. Odds are you probably quit your opportunity because the prospecting tactics taught to you just wasn’t working for you.


Ann simply too got tired got tired of doing the “old school” marketing tactics taught to her by her upline. She decided to find a new and better way to do network marketing…and she did.


7 Great Lies of Network Marketing Says Good-Bye to Old School and Hello to New Cool


If you’ve found yourself not getting results in your business and you’re trying to do some of those tactics above, then know that there’s help. You don’t have to quit your business you just have to be smarter at marketing.

7 Great Lies of Network Marketing


Ann Sieg just wanted to show that people could have success in network marketing – even if no one joined their opportunity.


She wanted to say…


Good-bye hotel meetings…


Good-bye cold-calling prospects for hours on end…


Good-bye doing the three-foot rule…


Good-bye to buying expensive opportunity seeker leads…


The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing revealed the better way…


Not only was this way better, but it was more profitable. Ann then said ‘hello’ to a whole new way of marketing…and it made her a multi-millionaire in record time. And it helped other people make a lot more money in their businesses with a lot less effort.


This is what she did…


Ann Sieg Shocks the Network Marketing Industry


The “shock” felt all around the network marketing world was called the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.


Ann’s thinking was what is prospecting in mlm if you’re not taking advantage of the Internet to build your business – and getting your leads to spend money with you before they ever join your business opportunity?


Doesn’t it make sense to give your prospects the tools and training that will help them become better marketers?


If they’re not getting what they need from their business opportunity, they will turn to third-party tools, training, and systems to help them in their existing business.

7 Great Lies of Network Marketing


These are the survivors – they will do what it takes to help them succeed in their business. They’re not ready to “throw in the towel” and say network marketing doesn’t work. These determined people are like gold in your business as long as they keep up this attitude.


One well-trained marketer in your organization is worth a hundred newbies who don’t have a clue about building a business.


And even if your prospects don’t join your business, you’ve already given them the tools to succeed so they’re more likely to join your business later when the time is right for them. Either which way, if you do this right, you’re still making multiple streams of income. Don’t you want to make multiple checks with the least amount of effort?


Although this way of thinking is commonplace now, back then it was very controversial for its time. Today Ann Sieg’s ebook, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing continue to rattle the nerves of a lot of veterans in mlm.


Good network marketing training is the cornerstone of having success in this industry. If you don’t understand about attraction marketing, list-building, and how to generate targeted leads literally for free, you’re going to struggle – period.


Still the point is that this ebook, which is FREE by the way, does get you to think of your network marketing business in a whole new way. This way of thinking will help you see the bigger picture and help you understand how to make much more income in your business.


If you’re serious about generating multiple streams of cash in your business I highly suggest you get the FREE download of 7 Great Lies here. I do not, however, recommend her system because it builds her business.


I love Ann…and she was great for her time, however, after you read the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, you’ll want to learn how to build your own enterprise just like Ann did – and this is how you begin


Your partner in success,


Corrisa 🙂

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