3 Little Know Ways to Make Money With My Lead System Pro

By Corrisa | Internet Marketing Tools

Sep 25

A revealing look at the many ways you can make money with My Lead System Pro – even if you’re not in network marketing…


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The Internet has always rewarded those who think outside of the box. You can point to any number of Internet based companies from eBay to PayPal to YouTube. It’s not that these company founders discovered something that has never been seen or heard of before. They took something that was common and twisted it by thinking outside of the box and made it completely unique…and in turn profitable.


This is what brings us to My Lead System Pro. By now, you probably know this originally began as a platform for network marketers to help brand themselves and to help them generate targeted leads for their business opportunity.


Now, overtime this program has branched out into helping people in all kinds of businesses from real estate agents to chiropractors and everything else in between. You see, every kind of business needs traffic and leads.


Now that MLSP has it where you can create completely custom lead capture pages and add any kind of email campaign to the pages you create, this program has literally become unstoppable! MLSP is not only continuing to get kick-butt results for network marketers, but it’s also producing terrific results for those outside of the network marketing realm as well.


But what else can you do with MLSP?


Boost Your Authority – Generate Leads – Help People – Make Money



There are certain formulas for success and that is just one of the few that you can apply. Being a member of MLSP makes it that much easier.


Here are few more things you can do with this training platform that can boost your credability and value and in turn add an additional income stream to your bottom line:


1.Create Super Targeted Lead Capture Pages

You can create highly targeted lead capture pages that focus on a particular network marketing company, any kind of business, or any kind of product. After you create your landing page in the back office, you can do a pay per click campaign to target people in those companies and/or product buyers.


You can use SEO strategies to get organic FREE traffic (if you’re a member, make sure you watch the SEO training so you know what’s working right now).


what is prospecting in mlm

You can then either sell those leads or use them yourself. What you then have are super targeted leads that are more responsive to your offer.


Creating lead capture pages can be time consuming and even burdensome if you don’t have the right tools. My Lead System Pro makes it a breeze to create highly targeted capture pages.


2.Boost Your Authority 


Here’s the undeniable truth that most people won’t tell ya – if you have to likability factor to ya, or you don’t come across as having authority or  “street cred” as they sometimes say, you’re gonna have a heck of a time getting people to look at you, sign up to receive your emails, and buy from you. It’s really that simple.


We can help you boost your value in your prospects eyes – and here’s how…


Watch the traffic training videos in the members area and then turn around and:


Make a video on what you learned (show of your expertise)


Create an ebook on what you’ve learned and how you applied it to your businesses – sell it or give it away as a way to get leads


Write a blog post on your blog (this is an super easy way to come up with content)


If you ever struggled with ways to come up with content for your videos or your blog, then MLSP is a goldmine waiting for you to tap into…


3.Use What We Give You For Bonuses


As a marketer, you have to give people a compelling reason to give up their email to you. If you’re offer is not enticing enough you’re gonna struggle to build a list. This is where we make it drop dead simple to do…


Give away FREE content as bonuses!



Take one of the system campaigns and give it away as bonus for signing up for your newsletter, signing up for your opportunity, etc..


Side note: As a MLSP member, you have access to bonus training you can give away to generate leads .


When you offer value to your prospects, you win them over because then you become more valuable in their eyes.


You see, your prospects gets pitched all day long from people who could really give a rip about them. They only care about enriching their own pockets even at the expense of others.


Be different. Stand out amongst all the noise in your prospects’ inbox…and on social media sites. Show that you care and the more attractive you’ll become them.


These three simple but powerful tips can help you do just that.


If you’re tired of the struggle – come on over.


Corrisa 🙂