Marketing Online School – Look Before You Leap

By Corrisa | Marketing Product Reviews

Oct 01

If you’re looking for an marketing online school, you’ll want to see this one before you whip out your wallet…

marketing online school


This is a huge problem.


Let me explain…


You’re probably seeking out an marketing online school because you want to either:

  1. Get a job in the Internet marketing industry or
  2. You want to start a business on the Internet


Herein lies one issue that you may be overlooking – time. You see, if you’re going after a degree know that it’s a long drawn out process that will take you years to complete. Do you realistically have several years to put aside for school?


The other problem you’re going to face is the loan debt “prison” you’re going to put yourself into by going to a traditional marketing online school (see this story).

marketing online school


What if you can’t find a job after you graduate?


If you start a business, know that it may take a while before your business takes off.


In the meantime, you still have to find a way to make payments on your school debt even if you don’t have a stable job. Ouch!


There are a lot of people in this despairing predicament because they didn’t think about the complete costs of getting that degree – including the rising interest costs. Nor did they think about what would happen if they couldn’t afford to pay back all those loans they took out.


Is this something you have given thought to?


Here’s something else a lot of people don’t talk about – the quality of education you’re getting.


You see, the Internet is always changing – what worked today may not work tomorrow. And the only people who have their finger on the pulse of Internet marketing are those who are actively in the trenches building an online business.


There’s no worse feeling in the world than to spend years studying and thousands of dollars on a degree only to find out after you graduate that your knowledge is outdated and not up to par with what’s been going on online.


Your marketing online school is only as good as the people teaching the classes. You don’t want theory, you want to know what’s working now.


So, where do you go from here?


What if I can show you a way to learn and earn at the same time – would you want to know?


The Marketing Online School That Pays


marketing online school

If you can imagine cashing paycheck after paycheck while learning Internet marketing from digital marketing superstars, not book-studied professors, then you’re nearly there.


There’s nothing wrong with going with a traditional school to learn Internet marketing – if you completely accept that the odds are stacked against you right from the get-go.


Doesn’t it make sense at the very least to start off on the right foot? Not only start off smarter but give yourself a chance to earn money while you’re learning Internet marketing.


Even if your ultimate goal was to get a job at some ad agency or marketing firm, it looks good on your resume to show that you have real world experience being an online marketer.


So, your next question is probably “How do I earn while I’m learning Internet marketing?


This is the program that I recommend because you’re learning from Internet marketing entrepreneurs who are already highly successful – not professors who wouldn’t how to successfully run an internet business if their life depended upon it.


This isn’t to say that all professors are not up to date or don’t know what’s happening online, there could very well be a lot of professors who do make it habit to stay informed and/or run successful businesses online.


But here’s the question…

marketing school onlineDo you want to spend years studying and spend thousands of dollars on a marketing degree in hopes that you get professors who are updated in what’s going on in digital marketing?


Having been a marketing for some time, I can tell you for sure that you can’t hope your way to success. You must put the odds of success on your side whenever possible.


And if you’re looking to learn Internet marketing and make your living from it, then you at least want to look at this kind of marketing online school and business opportunity that can help you earn money…not five years from, but right now.


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